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Brian's "AVERAGE KIND OF GUY" approach and clear focus on the internet make the show a definite winner. Brian's 35 years of computer experience has enabled him to take his knowledge to the public and become their resource for information and help with the Internet, operating systems and computers in general UNIX PREFERRED.

The "Net Head" either knows the answer or will get it for you. The show's low-key approach and interactivity with on-line and on-air participation by the listening audience provides a new facet to talk-radio.

If you want entertainment or additional information on new technologies and products, here's the place to be!

Kicking and screaming, Radio Dude pulled Webula into co-hosting the show with him about 3 years ago. Originally too shy to say anything, Webula, just won't shut up now.

With 25 years of computer experience and 12 years internet design, Webula has her definate opinions on web design, browers and web building software.

If you want to hear the down and dirty without sugar coating, Webula will deliver. Informative and wacky, Webula will definately let you know how to design a page as well as how to market it.

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Ask technical questions about the Internet and Computers, compete for prizes, and learn about cool and fun Web sites each and every show — even call in and help others!

Ask questions about and the World Wide Web by calling in during the show at (702) or AT&T & Alltel Cell at #.

E-mail questions and comments are taken during the show at surfsup@radiodude.com.

Tell your friends about — Nevada's longest, first and only Internet show — and we'll see you each and every TBD!


Collection of stories and anecdotes about clueless computer users.

Web site for novices in PLAIN English — explains EVERYTHING!

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