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Founding Member: Sam - 4/11/00

On our 4/11/00 show, we had a call from Sam who was quite upset about computers. His main concern was how have computers profoundly impacted our life. He expounded on how Americans are working longer hours (ed.. because of computers? - I don't think so) and supermarket scanners. He would prefer to have his items with labeled and have the checker manually punch in each price. Below is a response to Sam from one of our listeners. If you would like to add to the list of benefits, or nominate a technologically challenged person, please send us an email.

We'd like to thank Ralph for the idea of soup cans!

Well Sam went at it again on 4/25/00. I (Webula) couldn't stand listening, much less talking to him so I took off the earphones and ignored his ranting. Evidently, Sam is a very unhappy person, who has nothing better to do than to condenm everything having to do with technology.
Ralph's Response to Sam on 4/25/00

Subject: Profound uses for computers?.... nah....
Date: Tue, 11 Apr 2000 21:41:33 -0700 (PDT)
From: Ralph

In response to Mr. Sam ... Here is a smattering of uses for computers (please excuse the spelling)


  1. Tissue matching... need a kidney now? Well we can visit our local library and hope to find something, or search the national database. Hmmm.....
  2. Medical conferencing... Dr. Bob is not too certain about about a specific open heart procedure... what the hell, just take a guess!
  3. Sam... do you really need 500 mg of Zoloft? Hey, it's just aspirin... right?
  4. increased health awareness.... 5 whoppers per day covers a days daily nutritional requirements! All the basic food groups are there, eat up!
Dissemination of local/federal law.... you can be informed!
Just some useless BS that computers do to enhance our lives. Respectfully submitted by your listener:


PS.... Sam, if you're so down on computers, I suggest you drop your phone service and opt for that proven dual Campbell's soup cans and kite string! I'd love to see you communicate with that!

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