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Founding Member: Sam - 4/11/00

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Hi everyone (Brian, Webula, Cat).... sorry I can't respond live to Sam, I have only one phone line and I'm in the middle of a big d/l. To Sam. Dude! It's all a matter of what we, we meaning people want. There's no Gestapo force dictating that we MUST conform to technology today! If you choose not to conform, fine! You're not anchored to it. The medical problems you refer to are not the standard. I have some experience, albeit, limited in the medical field, in my line of work. The Monitor Screen Syndrome, MSS (my own, more correct label-bet dollars to doughnuts, it's coming!). The thing to consider is, monitors are getting better and better every day. Also, a few, simple ergonomic modifications (say, raising/lowering the monitor to eye level) will change things drastically. Check your background lighting too! I too heard the promo for the supposed computer eye problem. Seems to go along the same lines as the dreaded carpal tunnel syndrome. That horrible affliction that seems to affect everyone EXCEPT our favorite pianists, drummers, guitar players (I've never heard of Billy Joel or Ray Charles having to use a wrist splint. In all fairness, that would be unknown data. But I’ve never heard of such a thing). I admit, although I wanted to see the piece, I couldn't because of my job (hey, had to get up early!). Was there a double blind study comparing people who work strictly with paper to those who work in front of a monitor?

With no scientific data (oops! bad words) to support my speculation, I believe the results would be the same. The monitor group only being faster. Basically, it's just like money. If one earns X amount of money, he/she contracts Y amount of goods and services. Add more to the earning amount, X+Y, guess what happens to the purchased goods and services? Linear progression! Sorry, that could be applied to computers and algorithms (but it's really just an old math term)! Our downfall! In other words, whether one believes it or not, and no matter how hard one tries to denounce it (the computer) or look at it with disdain, this is now, our destiny. If we have the ability, why not master and use it to our benefit? (damn.... I sound like Napoleon!)

Just MHO....


PS... Whatever happened to that good old Gumba, Marc?

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