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The Halloween Memo I, II and III

Top 10 Meanings for the '95' in Windows 95
  1. The year it was due to ship
  2. The number of diskettes it shipped on
  3. The percentage of people who had to upgrade their hardware
  4. The number of megabytes required for the minimum installation
  5. The number of pages in the easy-install manual
  6. The percentage of Designed for Windwos 95 programs that don't run properly
  7. The number of minutes it takes to install
  8. The number of seconds before it crashes after it boots
  9. The number of people who actually paid for the upgrade
  10. The number of good jokes not used in this list

Redmond Rivals Rebound

June 5, 1998, 4 a.m. PT
URL:,5,22684,00.html special reportDespite Microsoft's dominance, its rivals--Netscape, Sun, and Apple--are bouncing back. Their operating risks remain high, but all are making headway in their strategies as Microsoft gets dragged deeper into a legal morass. Netscape's navigation
Can the company create synergy
between its disparate

Apple seeds anew After suffering losses, Apple
regroups and finds leadership.

Sun burns brightly The company was in a slump, but
it is now enjoying a resurgence.