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Create interactive buttons for the Web
Optimize images for the Web
  3,137 KB
Xara Webster
Create great Internet graphics
  7,891 KB
Get the jump on FTP
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Create and edit animated GIFs
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Try a world-calss Web Graphics Editor
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Never Forget an Important Date
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MAC Downloads
Everything from schedulers or 8.0 updates to graphics and games!
Easy Contacts - MAC
Manage your contacts and create letters/faces and invoices!

Real Audio Versions 1.0, 2, & 3 for the MAC and PC
Shareware 1.2MB
WinBoost is like TweakUI on steroids. With it, you can make dozens of configuration improvements and adjust preference settings that would otherwise require no end of Registry hacks. I have wasted no time in placing my Dial-Up Networking connections on the Start Menu and eliminating that obnoxious stop-and-run-Scandisk routine whenever Windows doesn't shut down properly. Lots of other cool settings-definitely worth a look. You get 10 days of full access; then it costs $15.

Dial-Up Networking Connection Enhancer
Tired of having to hit Enter to launch the Dial-Up Networking tool in Windows 95? DUNCE bypasses that, and it comes with several handy customization options.
The next time you hit roadblocks on the Net, Jackhammer will help you punch through those obstacles. When you encounter a Web site or FTP server that's too busy, paste the URL into Jackhammer; it keeps trying until it gains access and then opens a new browser window or downloads the file.
Midpoint Companion
This download for Windows 95 and NT lets you use two to four modems over multiple phone lines, "teaming" them to achieve higher bandwidth. The program spreads requests over the two lines, so it may boost Web surfing but will not improve the speed of large downloads.
Boost Web surfing performance over any modem, ISDN, T1, or T3 connection. The program uses available bandwidth while you're reading one page to download and cache other pages you visit frequently. NetJet works best with text-heavy pages and for users who frequently visit the same sites.
Speed Surfer
This Web accelerator automatically loads all the links on each page you open as you browse so the linked pages pop up almost instantly when you click them. Speed Surfer allows you to set limits on the amount of data saved to your drive as well as the number of levels into the site the program will download.
This shareware Web browser takes up less than 1MB of disk space and, in many cases, downloads pages faster than its Microsoft and Netscape competitors.

Monitor and diagnose the cause of your slow response times from Web sites, whether they're caused at the client, ISP, backbone, or Web server level.